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Camila Kurdian

Camila Kurdian

How can I help you?

cognitive-behavioral psychologist

How I can help you

Treatment for every mental health issue:

start a therapeutic treatment with evidence-based psychology and protocols developed in Oxford.

Included sexuality issues:

get treated with a professional trained in sexuality and sexual disorders.

With online workspace:

you will have your own therapy report updated weekly with your treatment plan, goals and cognitive conceptualization.

In any place and time:

online therapy gives you the freedom to start therapy with comfort and with the same results as face-to-face therapy.

What my clients say about my work:

Get to know a little about me

Camila Kurdian

Hi, there! I am a post-graduated psychologist living in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. In Rio, I own a clinic with more than twenty professionals.

Three years ago, with plans to live in Portugal, I started counseling clients from all over the word, including Denmark, Portugal and England.

I treat my clients with the approved protocols from APA (American Psychological Association) and I am currently in the Excellence & High Performance in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy course with PhD Ane Vaz).

How we can work together

Camila Kurdian


50 min

Let’s talk face-to-face in online sessions from the comfort of wherever you choose:


Camila Kurdian

Live Chat

30 min

Let’s chat once a week. For those who prefer to express themselves through written conversation:



How is depression treated?

Treatment for depression aims to make the client able to maintain his daily life again through behavioral activation techniques and cognitive techniques to change negative beliefs about reality.

How is anxiety and panic treated?

Treatment for anxiety occurs in two steps. In the first moment, we teach the patient how to control anxiety responses through bodily control. In the second step, we work with negative cognitive beliefs and reality catastrophizing beliefs.

How are phobias and OCD treated?

The main technique for treating these disorders is the systematic desensitization of the dreaded event. Also, relaxation techniques and cognitive techniques are taught to better interpret the stressful event.

How are sexual problems treated?

Sexual disorders are multifactorial, so we started the treatment by analyzing body self-esteem, internal beliefs, romantic and family relationships. Afterwards, we started specific techniques for each diagnosis such as vaginismus and erectile dysfunction.

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